The Green Milk Co.

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Organic Almond Milk

Almond Milk Reinvented

1 whole litre packed into 1 tiny 40ml bottle.

Environmentally friendly

Look after our earth with 80% less packaging and all recyclable.

Gentle to your body

Organic certified. No pesticides or chemicals!

Good for your gut.

Preserved naturally using HPP (ultra high pressure) and not heat, to retain the enzymes.

Low price.

Premium quality at affordable prices so you can benefit without compromise.

Light to carry.

Easy to carry so no more lugging 1 kg bricks home

Easy to pack.

Fits easily into your bags and in your kitchen – no need to juggle things around to find cupboard space.

Take anywhere.

One tiny bottle gives you 1 whole litre, so the Green Milk Co.’s Almond drink is perfect to take on holiday or travelling.

A rainbow to your taste buds

We use Premium Val di Noto almonds from 2,000 year old almond groves in Sicily so each little bottle is packed full of flavour and nutrients from ancient soils.

Personalise Your Taste Experience

Want almond cream? Simply use direct from the bottle.

Want a stronger flavour to your almond drink? Just add less water.

Want to heat and concerned some of the water will evaporate in cooking? Add more water.

How to Use Almond Drink

As almond milk on cereal, with porridge, in soups, sauces, xxx

As almond cream (direct from the bottle) in hot drinks, on puddings, in sauces, xxx